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Wooden Kitchen “Chichi Cats”

Does your child like to play?
Does he like to hang around you in the kitchen while you cook, wash the dishes and do the housework?
Do you want him to develop his general culture while playing? This children’s kitchen is the perfect place for your child to have fun. He will be satisfied, as the play kitchen set will be a wonderful and very useful gift. He will also be able to invite friends to play together.
The kitchen has always been an interesting place for children.
With this beautiful wooden kitchen, the child will have his own corner where he can play undisturbed and imitate the adults.

The wooden kitchen contains a transparent opening oven, it has a variety of cookware and accessories.

The kitchen is made made of wood, it is painted in gentle colors – pink and white, from completely harmless paints.
All little kitten fans will be fascinated by the image on one of the doors.

Children’s kitchens are not only fun, but also teach children the basic rules of the kitchen, introduce them to different kitchen utensils and improve their communication skills.

Dimensions: 58 x 31.5 x 68.5 cm

Suitable for kids: above 3 years old



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