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Kitchen with Lights and Sound “Dakota”

Kitchen with sound and light effects. When turned on, the hot plate lights up with a red light and the sound of oil crackling, into which we have just placed a freshly wrapped steak, is heard. The hood has two buttons: pressing the first one turns on the light, the second one activates the sound of the fan. The microwave oven is also equipped with a light. The real benefit here is the element where we teach and educate children to think ecologically through play. The kitchen contains cards with pictures of used packaging, leftover food, glass bottles and other waste. The child’s task is to correctly sort this waste and put it in the right hole. With its simple design and attractive pastel turquoise color, it is a real decoration of every children’s room.

Suitable for kids: above 3+ years old

Dimensions: 60 x 29.5 x 95 cm

Worktop height: 53 cm


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