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Wooden City Blocks with Mat – 121 pcs

Wooden blocks are perfect for children, even the very small ones – thanks to their form and size, they do not threaten their health, and at the same time allow for the development of manual skills, spatial imagination and the ability to create the first structures. All elements are painted with safe for children and environmentally friendly paints, so you do not have to worry about your toddler’s health. No sharp edges , pleasant to the touch wood structure and various colorful shapes are the features for which every child will love our blocks. A set of wooden blocks allows you to build a big city, which includes buildings such as: a hotel, hospital, shop, police station, school and even a fire station. Each of the buildings has been designed with the use of many details , which makes it possible to recognize its function. In addition, the buildings have their own cars , ideally suited to the role they fulfill. The whole thing is completed by a mat with streets on which we can build our city. The booklet included in the set will help in building and recognizing each building. The set with blocks includes a spacious bag, thanks to which your toddler can take the blocks on a family trip or meeting with friends. The set also includes instructions in the form of a booklet, which will tell you how to build individual buildings.



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