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Large Wooden Toolbox with Tools

Every child loves to imitate the behavior of adults. Playing with real tools is not the best idea, so an alternative may be a wooden tool set with extensive equipment that many handyman can envy. Take care of your child’s proper development in terms of hand-eye coordination. This toy was created with a view to developing the child’s skills through simple manual activities – twisting screws, adjusting screws to holes, using tools. Thanks to this, your little one will be better able to carry out everyday tasks such as drawing, writing and even getting dressed. The box included in the set will ensure order and order among all the tools. Numerous shelves, drawers, compartments and a special hinged wall with tool holders will accommodate all accessories and make play easier. The pull-out drawers hide many screws, nuts and elements for connecting wooden boards. With the help of the numerous boards, screws and other elements included in the set, your child can create simple constructions. Wooden counterparts of tools fulfill their function very well while playing. With their help, your child will surely help you with daily repairs.

  • A set of hammers will hammer (or pull out) nails and connect two boards.
  • With the help of flat wrenches, the toddler will be able to tighten the bolts or nuts
  • The two included screwdrivers, a flat one and a cross, will be used to tighten the appropriate screws
  • Combination pliers will certainly be used for any DIY
  • The vice will hold the moving parts
  • A ruler and a square in the hands of a toddler will make the structures simple and well-thought-out

Suitable for kids: above 3 years old

Dimensions: 42 x 8 x 30 cm



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