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Educational Mat/Teepee with Toys

The educational mat is a real must-have for every new parent and their toddler. The mat stimulates children’s imagination, attracts attention and helps to develop motor and manual skills . Let your child safely explore the world with all their senses. The mat comes complete with 5 colorful toys that can be hung on poles or attached to a pillow. One of the toys has the ability to play a melody. The poles are attached to the mat with special latches that ensure a secure connection. Thanks to the possibility of removing the poles, the teepee turns into a comfortable mat / blanket, on which your toddler can take a nap or play with balls or toys attached to the mat. A soft pillow and colorful balls will make your little one be able to lie down comfortably and rest. After a nap, great fun awaits her, developing her manual and motor skills.

Suitable for kids: from 0 months

Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 107 cm



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