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Board Game – Planets “Journey to our Solar System”

Ready for take-off; The spaceship is waiting to take you to an unknown destination among the shining stars! 9 wooden pegs – 8 planets and a spaceship –, 8 Info Cards & 24 Mission Cards with multiple educational benefits: 1. Ages 5+: Familiarize yourself with the planetary system (Information Card front) 2. Ages 6+: Learning to rotate the of planet 3a. Ages 8+: Deepening the knowledge of the Planets (back of Information Cards): 3b. Ages 8+: The Game of Intergalactic Objectives (Mission Cards): – Select a Mission Card. – Place the Planets on the board exactly as shown on the Card. – Rotate the Spaceship from the starting point. – Hold and balance the board with your hands so that you direct the Spaceship to rotate, without falling, to the destination indicated by the Card. A creative and original educational toy in our solar system that exercises fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while simultaneously enhancing creativity and spatial awareness.

Suitable for kids: above 5 years old

Dimensions: 28 x 6 x 28 cm


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