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Wooden Toaster with Accessories

The set will allow children to play the role of an adult, your child will be able to serve delicious toasts for the whole family. In addition to having fun, the set will develop the child’s imagination and manual skills , and in addition, your child will have a chance to learn the rules of preparing meals. The wooden toaster has a special button, after pressing it, the toast is inserted from the toaster. Next to the button, there is also a rotary knob that will allow you to adjust the temperature so that the toast is perfectly done. The toaster comes with a knife and a cube of butter that can be cut. During cutting, the Velcro connecting the parts of the butter has a slight resistance, which gives the impression of cutting real butter. Sweet toast tastes best, so the set includes two jars with jam. Your child will be able to serve delicious toasts, and the fun will never end.

The set includes: Toaster, 2 toasts, 2 jars, a plate, knife, butter and butter dish

Suitable for kids: above 3  years old




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