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Wooden Educational Cube Sorter & Blocks

Every parent wants their child to develop in an appropriate and balanced way. This educational skill cube will allow your child to develop on many levels, all thanks to its structure, in which each wall has completely different functionality and character.
The game is full of animated elements that encourage the game and develop his motor skills at the same time. The game will teach the child to recognize colors, shapes, develop motor skills and at the same time give him a lot of fun.
At the top there is a removable maze cover and colored beads, the fun is moving them from end to end.
On the sides of the cube, the toddler can play with the sorter by matching the appropriate shape of the blocks. The other sides of the cube have a mirror, a maze, and rotating gears.
Thanks to the openable lid, you can store small toys inside the cube, ready to play at any time.
Suitable for kids: above 12 months


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