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Tricycle with pedals – Pink

The bike was created for the smallest children who are just starting their adventure with bikes. It is dedicated to babies from 12 months of age who have already made their first steps. The bike is powered by pedals , which, combined with a safe structure , makes it a great idea for the first bike. Riding on it will allow the child to develop mobility skills and prepare for riding a larger, traditional bicycle. Two wheels on the back of the bike ensure stability while pedaling and turning, and the soft and contoured saddle allows for comfortable play. The bike has a soft and slightly contoured saddle that ensures safety and comfort while riding. For the safety of children, the steering wheel is secured with a soft foam that absorbs accidental impacts. The foam also has anti- slip properties and prevents the hand from slipping off the steering wheel. They are made of a special material that allows you to safely move around at home and on walks. They do not damage or scratch floors. The bike is powered by the pedals in the front wheel, so that the shoe does not slip off the pedals, they have specially finished edges. Thanks to two widely spaced wheels in the rear part of the bike, it maintains proper stability even during intense play or overcoming unevenness. The design prevents dangerous tilting , which makes it perfect for children starting their adventure with cycling.

Suitable for kids: above 12 months

Dimensions: 62 x 35 x 48 cm



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