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Sammy’s Tower with Animals

Exciting game for the whole family. Players roll the dice. Each round, they gradually pull out the game pieces from the tower with the animal that falls on their game die. They place the stone they pull out on top of the tower so that the tower does not fall. A more difficult variant is the version where the players take out the playing stones from the tower according to the pictures on the cards. They take them out of a pile, which they place in the middle of the table. On the cards, they will see not only pictures of the given animals, but also their silhouettes or a picture of the food that the given animal eats. They then have to think about which stone they should actually pull out. Contains: 52 pieces.

Suitable for kids: above 4 years old
Tower size: 23 x 7.5 cm
Package size: 8.5 x 8 x 27 cm. Age: 4



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