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Musical Set

The instruments of several groups are represented in this music set. Percussion instruments here are represented by the xylophone. Its metal plates are seated on felt rings that regulate the sharpness of the sound. The wooden frame and mallets give the sound depth and a velvety tone. Rhythmic instruments are represented by the popular maracas, which here is made of plastic eggs. The depth of their sound can be influenced by sitting or holding the egg in the palm of your hand. The representative of the percussion instruments in this set is the tambourine. It is a single-diaphragm drum membranophone, which consists of a wooden drum around the perimeter of which there are bells. It is mainly used in Italian folk, Roma and Persian music. Another representative of percussion instruments is the triangle. At one of the peaks it is split for better resonance. When playing, you need to hang it on your fingers with a string and thus prevent the tones from muting. The triangle is tapped with the mallet included in this set. The length of the tone can be regulated by finger damping. It includes 8 pieces

Suitable for kids: above 3 years old


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