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Hanging Swing

Swing in the form of a stork’s nest is great fun for all children and quickly becomes a favorite place to play in the home garden, on the plot or on the terrace. Thanks to the large surface, the swing can be used by two or three children at the same time, thanks to which the play becomes even more addictive and gives a lot of fun. The swing can be mounted on a swing frame, a sufficiently thick tree branch, or even inside rooms using special ceiling mounts. You can attach the stork’s nest in two ways:

2-point assembly – the ropes of the stork’s nest are attached to two points like a standard swing.
1-point assembly – both ropes are attached to one point, thanks to which the swing, apart from swinging , can rotate around its axis.

Thanks to the simple structure, the assembly of the swing takes about 15 minutes. , the set includes construction elements and a special wrench for tightening the screws.

The stork’s nest is made of polypropylene and a durable fabric, resistant to weather conditions and abrasion (Oxford 600D). The swing frame consists of 4 profiled steel pipes with a diameter of 25 mm , which are additionally covered with soft foam, which makes the whole thing safe for children. The ropes are made of polyethylene, which guarantees high resistance to overload, mechanical damage and difficult weather conditions.

Maximum load – 150 kg

Suitable for Kids: over 3 years old

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 150 cm




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