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Educational Wooden Pusher

The pusher is perfect as a toy, but also as a help for the youngest toddlers who are taking their first steps. The handle is placed at such a height to make it easier for the child to push the stroller. A pusher helps to maintain balance, trains motor skills and allows toddlers to be confident in moving independently. The front of the pusher is a board with various elements for sensory play, which will develop the child’s abilities. The toddler will be able to hit the drum, cymbals with the stick, he will be able to move a wooden teddy bear and colorful numbers. The side walls of the pusher have special holes that act as a shape sorter. The child’s task is to adjust the blocks to the appropriate holes, which will positively affect their manual skills.

Suitable for kids: above 3 years old

Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 45 cm



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